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What does "Giclee" mean?

Giclee printing means printing a single reproduction with large format digital printing equipment in high resolution. This French word, which means to spray or apply ink, is pronounced "zhee-CLAY." Often the term giclee is used when referring to fine art reproductions and photo reproductions. Our giclee printing service quality is so fine, it is often used to render museum-quality reproductions. It is the finest possible digital reproduction quality available for artists and photographers.

Is giclee printing any different?

No, giclee prints are digitally printed like many other media. The only difference is that the term giclee printing usually conveys a higher quality service capable of higher resolutions and wider color gamut than regular consumer hardware. This makes our print service perfect for paintings, drawings, watercolors, photographs, or other works of art that should be reproduced with exceptional accuracy.

Large format giclee printing

We use large-format digital printers which are capable of printing on various roll media compatible with giclee printing service standards, including archival photo paper and artist's canvas. This allows giclee printing methods to accurately reproduce fine art, paintings, photos, and other works of art that exceed traditional print sizes.

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