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Glossary of Terms

Every wonder what DPI is? Is print resolution confusing? This page is a collection of commonly used terminology for digital printing. If you have any questions, ask us!

Definitions of Digital Printing, Enlargement and Resolution

The following terms are commonly used when discussing or printing digital photo enlargements:

Archival ink

UV-resistant ink ideal for digital photo prints, giclee artwork and picture enlargements


Enlarge a photo, usually to giclee print a digital picture, scanned image, fine art enlargement or picture

Color management

Calibration of equipment to yield accurate color reproductions and picture enlargements

DPI (dots per inch)

Measurement of picture resolution which is reduced by enlargement of photos, pictures, or fine art

Digital picture

Photo scanned or taken with a digital camera, ready for enlargement

Digital printing

Process of printing a digital picture or giclee fine art picture to a digital printer

Digital proof

Digital image of an enlargement picture viewable on a monitor


To increase the size of a digital photo or digital picture, for printing an enlargement


A digital photo, digital picture, or fine art reproduction that has been enlarged and printed

Fine art reproduction

High-resolution, giclee museum quality reproduction or enlargement of artwork images and paintings

Giclee printing

Digital printing, i.e. large format digital print, giclee fine art reproduction or photo enlargement

Image resolution

The number of pixels (dots) contained in a digital image or enlargement


Special image enlarging algorithm designed to preserve photo quality during enlargement


File format for digital picture images with superior compression ideal for digital photos, enlargements and picture reproduction

Large format printing

Process of giclee printing photographs, picture enlargements, prints or reproductions


The substrate the enlargement or digital picture is to be giclee printed on


High-quality image output for reproductions and photo enlargements

Photo enlargement

Process of blowing up and printing a digital picture reproduction on a large format giclee printer

Photo resizing

Enlargement of original photos, (e.g. enlarged from 8x10 to life size or poster size)


Software used to enlarge, resize, modify and print digital photo picture enlargements, artwork or fine art to a digital printer

Physical proof

Printed picture reproduction for approving color and printed enlargement resolution


A single dot representing a color in an enlargement picture

Scanned image

Artwork, pictures, photos or fine art that have been digitized (input) with a scanner


File format for lossless digital pictures and photos; ideal for enlargements, fine art giclee reproductions, digital photos and pictures, but files are much larger

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